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Gustav Suvorov
Gustav Suvorov

Monster Girl Coliseum [v0.1] By Monster Girl Co... !LINK!

She praises beauty above all, stating that "Beautiful young boys are good. Beautiful young girls are better. My singular preference is beauty!" She greatly expresses a desire to fight Greek Heroic Spirits like Atalanta, because of their beauty. She has a certain fixation on Heracles, causing her to create a legend after publicly strangling a lion with a rear naked chokeWP in an attempt to emulate him by reenacting his exploits. While she was trying to prove her own might was as great as that of Heracles, her citizens were left unimpressed by the display and attempting to view Heracles as a rival causes the protagonist to think of her as a megalomaniac. She felt the achievement could potentially have been surpassed by Hakuno if they had been in a public coliseum upon defeating a large number of rare enemies. She likes beautiful speech, commenting that Hakuno speaks with few, but beautiful words when she was first summoned, either that or she is greatly unconcerned with their laconic speech.

Monster Girl Coliseum [v0.1] By Monster Girl Co...




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