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Origin Story

During Covid19  lockdown, I realized that people want (and need) the time and space to connect with others and themselves in a mindful way, my purpose to create that anchor, my mission daily movement. 


Maria YinYang was created with the SOLE GOAL to strive for BALANCE in life both on and off our mats. 


Physical and mental wellbeing are of utmost importance to living a healthy life, and require practice and dedication. 

Originally from Ireland, I left my slightly bigger island back in 2004 and I have now found my home in lovely Phuket.

I have currently found myself returning to Ireland while the world settles. 

I had been a  frequent visitor to Phuket since 2014, after stumbling across Muay Thai, I have since fallen in love with Thai Life & the wellness industry.


I spent 12 years as a flight attendant traveling around the world, followed by a 3 year career in the corporate world as an Office Manager & Employee Engagement Manager.  I am now in the industry that truly makes my heart sing – helping others heal, transform and find joy.

It was during my time as an Engagement Manager that I decided wellness and wellbeing was the direction I wanted to take my future.

Through years of excessive exercise, training and smashing my body, a total lack of stretching brought me to a place in life where my body felt stiff, sore and old! I was never a naturally flexible person and avoided yoga due to the pure frustration of never being able to get to where I felt I needed to be or feeling “not good” at yoga.

I have now learned to focus on the feeling in my body whilst in postures and not so much about how it looks! Breath connection along with the pure bliss of gentle movement with breath is now my guide.

My own personal goal in life is striving for that Yin Yang balance. My passion is movement.  My goal is to help my clients bring a sense of balance & empowerment to their lives by being aware of the breath and mind through movement.


My motto in life is move a little everyday for the rest of your life!

My Practice

To the yin-style exerciser, working out is a cup of chamomile tea. To the yang, it’s a triple espresso. Neither approach is wrong! Exercise and yoga, can stimulate you as well as relax you, wind you up as well as calm you down. In isolation, both approaches have limitations. Without some fire and force the super-yin yoga junkie can wind up lacking in muscular and cardiovascular endurance. Without some flow, ease and recovery time, the super-yang fitness nut is bound to get injured, burned out — or both.

Today, I strive to guide my clients through a balanced Holistic experience.

My classes are built around taking an integrative approach, everything is taken into account to provide a healing, yet deeply effective, gentle, yet challenging approach.


  • Diploma in Sport’s Psychology & Dynamics

  • Diploma in Mindfulness Therapy (S.N.H.S. Dip)

  • Diploma in 101 Sports Nutrition

  • Certified Yoga Teacher 200 TTC @ Jivani Yoga (Pranayama, Ayurveda, Chakras, Mantra & Medicine Songs, Yoga Nidra, Meditation, PNF)

  • 7 Professional Muay Thai Fights in Thailand

  • Corrective Exercise - On Going NASM

  • Bachelor's Degree - Applied Business 

My Journey: About
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