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Android Go APK: Everything You Need to Know About the Optimized Version of Android

You can use "adb pull", but you need to know the full path of the APK file. On the emulator, you can get a directory listing using "adb shell" + "ls". But on an android device, you will not be able to do that in "/data" folder due to security reasons. So how do you figure out the full path of the APK file?

When we install the apk from debug tool, directly invoke adb install or from eclipse/android studio, the apk will be transferred (adb push) to a public read and writable directory, usually /data/local/tmp/. After that, the tool will use the pm command to install, it will delete the temporary apk in /data/local/tmp/ after the successful installation.

android go apk

If the apk enable its install location in sdcard with android:installLocation="auto" in its manifest, the app can be moved to sdcard from system's app manager menu. These apks are usually located in secure folder of sdcard /mnt/sdcard/asec.

As a note, the files for pre-installed app are not in a single .apk file anymore. There is a folder containing files for every pre-installed app in the directory /system/app or /system/priv-app for the newest android release.

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