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Wrong Turn 5 Hindi Dubbed Hollywood Movie Mp4

Wrong Turn 5 Hindi Dubbed Hollywood Movie Mp4

Wrong Turn 5 is a 2012 American horror film directed by Declan O'Brien. It is the fifth installment in the Wrong Turn film series and a sequel to Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings (2011). The film follows a group of college students who are attacked by a family of cannibalistic hillbillies during the Mountain Man Festival in West Virginia.

The film was released on DVD and Blu-ray on October 23, 2012. It received mostly negative reviews from critics and fans, who criticized the plot, characters, acting, and gore. However, some praised the film for its entertainment value and humor. The film was a moderate success at the box office, grossing $27.8 million worldwide against a budget of $3 million.



The film begins with a news report about the disappearance of nine people in the previous films. The reporter interviews Sheriff Angela Carter (Camilla Arfwedson), who says that the case is still open and that the suspects are still at large. She also warns the viewers to stay away from the area where the incidents occurred.

Meanwhile, a group of college students, Billy (Simon Ginty), Cruz (Amy Lennox), Gus (Paul Luebke), Julian (Oliver Hoare), and Lita (Roxanne McKee), are on their way to the Mountain Man Festival, a Halloween event in Fairlake, West Virginia. They stop at a gas station, where they encounter three hillbillies, Maynard (Doug Bradley), One Eye (Borislav Iliev), and Saw Tooth (George Karlukovski), who are actually the cannibals from the previous films. Maynard provokes Billy and a fight ensues. The sheriff arrives and arrests Maynard, while the other two escape.

The students arrive at Fairlake and check into a motel run by Mose (Finn Jones), who tells them about the festival and its history. He also warns them about the hillbillies, who are rumored to live in the nearby woods and prey on tourists. The students ignore his advice and decide to have fun at the festival.

That night, One Eye and Saw Tooth attack the power station, cutting off the electricity to the town. They then proceed to kill several people at the festival, including Gus, who is decapitated by a barbed wire trap. The sheriff and her deputy, Biggs (Kyle Redmond-Jones), investigate the scene and find Maynard's fingerprints on a knife. They realize that he is involved in the killings and rush back to the station.

At the station, Maynard taunts the sheriff and reveals that he is the father of the hillbillies. He says that they are his sons from different mothers, whom he raped and killed. He also says that they are part of an ancient bloodline that has been living in the woods for centuries, hunting and eating humans. He claims that they are superior to normal people and that they will never be caught or stopped.

The sheriff tries to call for backup, but finds out that the phone lines are also cut. She decides to transfer Maynard to another station, but as she and Biggs load him into a car, they are ambushed by One Eye and Saw Tooth. They kill Biggs and capture the sheriff, taking her to their cabin in the woods.

The next morning, Billy, Cruz, Julian, and Lita realize that Gus is missing and go looking for him. They find his severed head in a pumpkin patch and are horrified. They try to escape from the town, but find out that their car has been sabotaged by the hillbillies. They decide to go back to the motel and wait for help.

At the motel, Mose tries to call for help, but is killed by Maynard, who has escaped from the cabin with the help of his sons. Maynard then sets fire to the motel and traps the students inside. Billy manages to break a window and escape with Cruz, but Julian and Lita are burned alive.

Billy and Cruz run into the woods, hoping to find help. However, they are chased by One Eye and Saw Tooth, who catch up with them and kill them with arrows. The hillbillies then drag their bodies to their cabin, where they have tied up the sheriff and another captive, Jason (Duncan Wisbey), who is a local reporter.

The hillbillies torture and mutilate their victims, while Maynard watches and cheers them on. He tells the sheriff that he is proud of his sons and that they are the future of humanity. He also says that he has a daughter, who is pregnant with his child. He then reveals that the daughter is actually the sheriff's sister, Sally (Radoslav Parvanov), who was kidnapped by the hillbillies in the first film and has been living with them ever since.

The sheriff is shocked and disgusted by this revelation. She manages to free herself and fights back against the hillbillies, killing One Eye with a shotgun. She then tries to kill Maynard, but he stabs her in the stomach. She falls to the ground, bleeding profusely.

As Maynard prepares to finish her off, he is shot in the head by a group of state troopers, who have arrived at the cabin. They also shoot and kill Saw Tooth, who tries to attack them. They then rescue Jason and Sally, who are still alive. They also find the sheriff, who is still breathing.

The film ends with a shot of the cabin, where a baby's cry is heard, implying that Sally has given birth to Maynard's child.


  • Doug Bradley as Maynard Odets

  • Camilla Arfwedson as Sheriff Angela Carter

  • Simon Ginty as Billy

  • Amy Lennox as Cruz

  • Paul Luebke as Gus

  • Oliver Hoare as Julian

  • Roxanne McKee as Lita

  • Finn Jones as Mose

  • Kyle Redmond-Jones as Deputy Biggs

  • Borislav Iliev as One Eye

  • George Karlukovski as Saw Tooth

  • Radoslav Parvanov as Sally Carter / Three Finger

  • Duncan Wisbey as Jason


The film received mostly negative reviews from critics and fans. On Rotten Tomatoes, it has an approval rating of 0% based on 5 reviews, with an average rating of 2.4/10. On Metacritic, it has a score of 26 out of 100 based on 4 reviews, indicating "generally unfavorable reviews". On IMDb, it has a rating of 4.1 out of 10 based on 20,599 votes.

The film was criticized for its plot, characters, acting, and gore. Scott Weinberg of Fearnet wrote: "Wrong Turn 5 is a lazy, cheap, stupid and pointless piece of garbage that exists only to make money off people who don't know any better". Matt Donato of We Got This Covered wrote: "Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines is nothing more than a mindless gore-fest filled with unlikable characters and ridiculous scenarios". Matt Serafini of Dread Central wrote: "Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines is an abysmal sequel that fails on every conceivable level".

However, some praised the film for its entertainment value and humor. Brad Miska of Bloody Disgusting wrote: "Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines is a blast. Its gory, funny and moves at a brisk pace". Michael Gingold of Fangoria wrote: "Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines delivers what fans want from this series: outrageous gore gags and a gleeful sense of its own absurdity". Patrick Cooper of Bloody Good Horror wrote: "Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines is a fun ride that doesn't take itself too seriously and delivers some solid kills along the way".

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