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[S1E10] The Other Side Of The Rock

When Gregson and Detective Bell arrive, Holmes points out a spot of blood on the floor and three glass vases partly filled with multicolored decorative rocks. He empties one, and picks out an uncut diamond. Guthrie was part of the team that robbed Svelbard's and it appears he was killed and his cut of diamonds were taken. Watson reminds Holmes of their dinner but he begs off to work on the case which Watson agrees to, relieved. Watson arrives at the restaurant and is surprised to find Holmes already there. He's been regaling her family with stories of how Joan helped him on various cases and that she's a promising detective. He also lauds her work as a sober companion which impresses Mary. In a taxi on their way home, Watson thanks Holmes for making her family understand what she does. Holmes browses through Guthrie's phone (which he lifted from the crime scene) and finds the names of three other jurors.

[S1E10] The Other Side of the Rock

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The Lava Monster then tells Jack that the monster he sees is actually a man trapped in a rock body. He shows Jack a recording of his past carved in stone, created so he would not forget his former life and tells Jack his history of when he was human, a warrior like Jack. His land used to be a great Norse kingdom where he lived with his wife, two sons, and a faithful canine. He states that his people prospered in good times, until one day after returning from a victorious hunting trip, a solar eclipse happened with a black moon blocking the sun, growing until it enveloped the sky. The darkness took form and attacked the warrior's kingdom, revealing it to be none other than the familiar evil Jack spoke of before: Aku. All the warriors tried to slay him, but Aku proved to be too powerful to be brought down, and were destroyed in turn. The warrior was the only one left. He tried in vain to fight Aku, which amused the demon. Instead of killing him, Aku imprisoned the warrior within an unbreakable crystal, not only trapping him but leaving him to watch as Aku destroyed his kingdom, but also denying him a warrior's end. Aku then grabbed the warrior and took him to the top of the mountain before thrusting him into its core, never to join his fallen comrades in Valhalla, the resting place of all great warriors. For centuries, the warrior was trapped inside the mountain, but the warrior found a way to manipulate the rock and form a body in order to move. He then created a pathway that only the best warrior could pass. He states that the only way into Valhalla is to fall in combat to another great warrior.

The Woodsman is searching for any edelwood trees he didn't grind and finds two edelwood branches that he tries to grind into oil, but to no avail. The Woodsman hears the Beast singing Come Wayward Souls outside and follows the music, finding him standing in a dark clearing and claiming that he has a gift. He reveals that the 'gift' is Greg, the branches of a new edelwood tree growing around him, which horrifies the Woodsman. The Beast tries to convince the Woodsman to grind Greg into oil to feed the lantern, but he refuses, saying he had no idea that the lost souls of children were the origin of edelwood trees and attempting to free the boy instead. The Beast then taunts the Woodsman about the safety of his daughter, causing the Woodsman to become enraged and attempt to attack him with his axe, chasing him away as the Beast laughs. Wirt and Beatrice finally find Greg, and Wirt apologizes to Greg as he appears to realize that as the older brother of Greg, he is responsible for the misfortunes that the two brothers have encountered throughout the series. Greg responds with an apology of his own and asks Wirt to take his rock facts rock that he had stolen from Mrs. Daniel's garden, but Wirt tells Greg to give it to her himself. In desperation, he tries to keep Greg's spirits up by mentioning that they have to get his frog, that he names Jason Funderburker, back home. Gregory says Jason Funderburker is "the perfect frog name," using the last of his strength as his eyes close. Interestingly enough, during this scene a slowed down version of Potatoes and Molasses, a song that had come to somewhat represent Gregory's character, can be heard in the background. Wirt and Beatrice try to break Greg free, but the Woodsman collapses nearby, defeated by the Beast. Knowing the Woodsman would no longer be of any use to him, the Beast instead tries to make a deal with Wirt by promising to place Greg's soul inside the lantern so he could live on inside, and all that was needed from him was to grind edelwood trees forevermore to keep the lantern lit. Wirt initially agrees with the Beast's deal, but then pauses, believing that the offer was 'dumb', and that the Beast had a crazy obsession with keeping his lantern lit, leading Wirt to suspect that the Beast's soul was inside the lantern. The Beast reacts by surrounding Wirt with nothing but darkness, and asks Wirt if he is ready to see true darkness. While initially afraid, Wirt looks firmly into his eyes and asks "are you?", before threatening to blow out the lantern's flame, causing the Beast to scream for him to stop, proving his suspicions true. Wirt gives the Woodsman the lantern back, saying he had his own problems and that the lantern was his. Wirt breaks Greg free from the edelwood branches, gives Beatrice the scissors that would make her and her family human again, and leaves. The Beast makes a last-ditch effort to manipulate the Woodsman into killing the brothers to feed the lantern, but the Woodsman, realizing his daughter was never in the lamp, swings the lantern around to face the Beast instead. The Beast's body is briefly revealed by the lantern's light. As the Beast screams for him to stop, the Woodsman sheds a tear before he blows out the flame, ending the Beast once and for all.

As the story ends, scenes of the Unknown are viewed, mirroring those that appeared in the first episode. The Woodsman sits on the porch back at his old house, looking mournful, until his daughter opens the front door. They are shocked to see each other, before his daughter smiles with tears in her eyes. The fish that appeared in the first episode fishes up a turtle, Lorna and Auntie Whispers are living a better life, a frog from Lullaby in Frogland appears, a picture of Quincy and Fred the Horse are seen, and figurines of Wirt, Beatrice, Greg and his frog are included in the set at the colonial tavern in Songs of the Dark Lantern,. Jimmy Brown, Ms. Langtree and some of the animal students are seen watching the circus, Enoch from Hard Times at the Huskin' Bee is revealed as being the black cat shown in the theme song in episode 1, and the red-haired girl in the blue dress is seen in a house with a large family. The girl is revealed to be Beatrice as a human when her mother tells her to "eat her dirt", echoing what Beatrice's mother told Wirt in chapter 9. Beatrice asks her mom to stop calling the dinner that and her mother asks what is she going to do about it, jokingly asking if she's going to turn them all to bluebirds again. The rest of the now-human family laughs and Beatrice is exasperated, but eats a mouthful of her dinner and smiles. As the very final shot, Greg is shown placing his rock facts rock back in Mrs. Daniels' garden.

  • Accidental Aiming Skills: To test her new luck, Gwen tries making a three point shot without looking at the basket. She misses at first but the ball still ends up bouncing back to net.

  • Bad Luck Charm: The side effect of the Charm of Luck is that it "redirects" all the bad luck to everyone that is not its possessor. This mostly means bad luck for Ben.

  • Cool Mask: Gwen uses a purple and black cat mask when she is "Lucky Girl".

  • Deflector Shields: Hex creates a personal one several times during the episode. It's strong enough to withstand a tunnel collapsing over it.

  • Dude, Where's My Respect?: Gwen doesn't get the recognition of helping in defeating Hex even though she, along with Grandpa Max, distracted him long enough to let Ben attack him. Max tries to calm her down by saying that she has his respect but by being related to her "it doesn't count".

  • Good Luck Charm: Gwen gets one that manipulates probability so everything that happens goes her way. It's even called Charm of Luck in the episode.

  • Green Thumb: Hex controls a few vines to immobilize Gwen and get back his charm.

  • I Just Want to Be Special: Gwen is visibly jealous of Ben's Omnitrix and jumps at the first opportunity of becoming a superheroine when she realizes the Charm of Luck manipulates probability.

  • Ironic Echo: After defeating Hex as XLR8, he practically crows to the group of tourists thanking him "Who's your hero?". After saving a group of workers in a building under construction, and accidentally stopping Ben from helping by giving him bad luck, Gwen says the same thing to a reporter, knowingly waving at Ben.

  • Living Statue: A spell of Hex animates the statues of the cemetery which include a few gargoyles and a minotaur.

  • Living Structure Monster: Thanks to Hex, the haunted history mansion actively attacks anyone inside it. He uses it as a distraction to attract Lucky Girl and take back his charm.

  • Magic Staff: Hex sports one that ends in the skull of a bird.

  • Neck Snap: Four Arms defeats the minotaur this way but, because it's made of rock, his head is apparently shattered.

  • No Man Should Have This Power: After claiming all of the Charms for herself, Gwen claims that with them she would be as unstoppable as Hex. She immediately sets the charms on a coffin before slamming a shovel down to crush them and release the contained Magic.

  • Secret Underground Passage: Gwen discovers one in the haunted mansion. It's filled with skeletons and it connects to a cemetery.

  • Superpowers for a Day: Gwen can essentially manipulate probability with one of the Charms of Bezel and, true to the trope's name, it doesn't last.

  • You're Nothing Without Your Phlebotinum: Gwen says that Ben is only a hero because he uses the Omnitrix and argues that there is no reason for her not to use the Charm of Luck to become one as well.



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