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Fsdreamteam Gsx Ground Services X Crack

FSDreamTeam GSX Ground Services X: A Review

If you are a fan of flight simulation games, you might have heard of FSDreamTeam, a company that produces high-quality add-ons for Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX) and Prepar3D (P3D). One of their most popular products is GSX Ground Services X, a revolutionary add-on that simulates several operations on the ground, such as marshalling, catering, boarding, deboarding, refueling, pushback, and more. In this article, we will review some of the features and benefits of GSX Ground Services X, and why you should consider adding it to your flight simulation experience.


What is GSX Ground Services X?

GSX Ground Services X is an add-on for FSX and P3D that simulates various ground services for your aircraft. It works with every airport, both default and third-party, and supports all default and many popular third-party aircraft. It features many native FSX animations and believable human characters, as well as realistic sound effects and 3D surround sound. GSX Ground Services X also integrates perfectly with FSDreamTeam airports, enhancing their features and allowing better customization.

What are the main features of GSX Ground Services X?

GSX Ground Services X offers a wide range of features that enhance your flight simulation experience. Here are some of the main ones:

  • Pushback: GSX adds a new kind of highly realistic pushback service, supporting vehicles with a towbar, with fully animated crew and a bypass pin simulation. The pushback works automatically, reading the airport files to place your plane exactly on the line, requiring only to choose an initial left or right direction. You can also customize the pushback procedure using the QuickEdit feature, which will save it for future use.

  • Animated Passengers: GSX adds visible animated passengers to your aircraft, boarding and deboarding using either staircases or jetways. You can customize any airport to create custom walking paths, with optional visible barriers in different styles. Passengers have individual walking motions, with randomized gestures and variations. GSX also integrates with SimBrief to set the number of passengers automatically according to your flight plan.

  • Refueling: GSX changes the refueling system in FSX and P3D, adding support for underground fuel supply using a fuel hydrant vehicle, with a custom animated crew and a working fuel counter. You can refuel progressively, with real-time fuel price indication. GSX also integrates with SimBrief to use the exact fuel quantity in your flight plan.

  • Deicing: GSX adds a new service for deicing your aircraft during departure if icing conditions are detected. It uses the new improved MSFS visual effect system to show different spraying liquids with different colors according to fluid type and concentration. You can customize the deicing in and out points for each aircraft.

  • Follow-Me cars: GSX can help you find your way to your gate or runway by calling a follow-me car to guide you either to the destination parking or to the assigned runway during departure.

  • Baggage Loading: GSX improves the baggage loading and unloading system in FSX and P3D, adding animated characters that pick up bags using a detailed vehicle with an animated conveyor belt. GSX can support two baggage loaders operating simultaneously.

  • Cargo Loading: GSX supports dedicated loaders for ULD containers and pallets.

How to get GSX Ground Services X?

If you are interested in getting GSX Ground Services X for your FSX or P3D, you can purchase it from FSDreamTeam's website for $34.00 USD. You will need to have the base GSX product installed first, which is free for all FSDT airports. You can also get the GSX Level 2 Expansion for $29.00 USD, which adds SODE replacement jetways worldwide and more animated passengers features.


GSX Ground Services X is a must-have add-on for any flight simulation enthusiast who wants to add more realism and immersion to their ground operations. It offers a variety of features that enhance your aircraft, airport, and environment, as well as integrating with other popular add-ons and services. GSX Ground Services X is compatible with FSX and P3D, and can be purchased from FSDreamTeam's website. If you want to take your flight simulation experience to the next level, you should definitely check out GSX Ground Services X.


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