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Rush For Berlin

Basingstoke 28/04/2006. Deep Silver and Stormregion proudly present detailed information about the special skills of the regular soldiers, war dogs and other animals in their new WWII-RTS Rush for Berlin. "During WWII, five War Dog Reception and Training Centres were operated by the Quartermaster Corps" ( Now the "dogs of war" are returning in Rush for Berlin.Special Infantry Skills Next to the officers, the regular infantry soldiers in Rush for Berlin are something special to the player too. Of course, each nation has standard infantry units such as the sniper, rifleman, sapper, medic, and flamethrower or mortar infantry. But depending on the nation, the player will also control unique units like armoured Russian shock infantry with a satchel dog, the German Panzer grenadier or the Fallschirmjäger (German paratrooper). Basically, all infantry units have a gun. Many also have special skills, e.g. the French resistance fighter can throw a Molotov cocktail.Some more of the ordinary units' special skills:Satchel Dog: The unit sends a dog equipped with explosives to a given target, where they explode. The dog returns before the explosion.Magnetic Mine: The unit throws a magnetic mine at the nearby armoured unit. The mine explodes on impact and inflicts serious damage.Hand Grenade: The unit can throw a hand grenade at nearby targets. When it explodes, the grenade inflicts devastating area damage.Land Mine: The sapper places a mine at his location. Only hostile units trigger the mine. Field Hospital: The medic places a pile of medical supplies on the ground. The supplies heal every friendly unit nearby.Tank Barrier: The soldier installs a tank barrier at his current position. The barrier can be demolished by enemy fire.More Experience Some units are controlled in squads while others are single units. All units gain experience when fighting successfully and will be promoted to the next level. Of course, a higher level means better abilities, e.g. more health points. Units can crouch with a stealth bonus or run and will react according to three different behaviour modes: Aggressive mode, Defensive mode and Passive mode.Inside Buildings The player can place infantry units in buildings. They will guard the area and shoot out of the windows. The advantage of placing units in buildings is, for example, a wider range of sight when they are on the upper floor, as well as a defence bonus. Units in the wood have a camouflage bonus, in a trench they are much harder to hit.Inside Vehicles The player can also place units inside vehicles in order to drive them. Most of the time, there can be only one squad plus one officer inside any one vehicle. The effectiveness of combat vehicles depends on the number of crew members mounted. 3 members and 1 officer are considered a full crew (units inside a tank: 1 crewman - the vehicle can move only; 2 crewmen - primary weapon is available; 3 crewmen - the primary and one secondary weapon are available, etc.). More Animals Next to the war dogs, over 20 different wild animals inhabit the maps of Rush for Berlin. Some are lovely (like the deer in the woods), while others are more aggressive (like the wolves). For more war dog information please read the "Technical Manual; TM 10-396, War Dogs, 1 July 1943". Rush for Berlin will hit the shelves at the end of May. For more details visit www.rushforberlin.comAbout Deep Silver Deep Silver is KOCH Media's Premium Games Label. It was established in 2002 with the goal of publishing games for gamers. From FPS and Simulations to MMO, Deep Silver offers anything and everything that a gamers' heart desires. Deep Silver published Singles , X2 - The Threat , Scrapland and many more games. For more information visit About KOCH Media KOCH Media, founded in 1994 by Franz Koch and Klemens Kundratitz, is a leading marketer of games and utility software. The enterprise also publishes PC games and software. KOCH Media Home Entertainment has also published and distributed DVD movies since autumn 2003. KOCH Media maintains branch offices in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and United Kingdom.About Stormregion Stormregion is the premier Hungarian game software developer, specialized in 3D RTS games fully developed with in-house technology, based on the GEPARD 3D engine. Following the massively entertaining "S.W.I.N.E.", the company went on to create "Codename: Panzers", a full bred RTS set in the WWII epoch. An explosive mixture of fast-paced action and dazzling motion capture cinematics, it was one of the top sellers of 2004 and received high praise from both customers and gaming journalists. The company currently employs over forty people, working amongst others on the first standalone add-on for "Codename: Panzers."

Rush For Berlin

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